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Patches & Buttons by Jennifer Link

Disclosure; I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion! However, all opinions are my own.

This book is adorable! It kept Rosalie’s attention and that’s hard to do! I think this book teaches a lesson in friendship! I think my favorite part of the book was when Patches took the little Stuffed Elephant to Buttons & they started playing! Rosalie kept saying, “Dog. Buh.” While pointing at the dog & the bunny. Michael says that Patches the dog reminds him of our dog, Cleo, because she is one that would become friends with a Bunny! We have had bunnies before & when the little bitty babies would get out of their cages right after birth, Cleo would simply put them in her mouth & bring them to us so we could figure out where they went!

The pictures in the book are super cute also! While this book is a little easy for Michael to read, I think it will be a perfect book for Connor to read for his reading homework! I’m not sure if Connor is behind on his reading, or if Michael is just more advanced, but there is a world of difference between their reading skills! However, Connor tries & is getting better daily, so he will be excited to be able to read this one!

Thank you, Jennifer Link, for letting us read about the blooming friendship between Patches & Buttons!

Patches & Buttons Book Cover Patches & Buttons
Jennifer Link
Outskirts Press
March 2014

This book centers around two characters named Patches the dog and Buttons the bunny. In this story we are taken on a short journey through the eyes of Buttons to understand why he is always frightened. He is afraid of every loud noise from the dog barking to the household appliances. No matter where he goes it seems the things he wants to get away from follow him. Learn how two animals who are so different can learn to come together and find friendship. Join me on this adventure of Patches and Buttons.

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