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Taming the Cult by Nicole Tillman

Disclosure; I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!


Tess and Jameson are finally free. After escaping from the compound of the Children of Neutrality, they begin building a life for themselves. But Tess can’t shake this feeling, this sense of foreboding. She knows that around every corner there could be someone watching, waiting to strike.
When someone from their past shows up on their doorstep, Tess realizes that they will never be able to slink back into the shadows. They’ll never be able to live a normal life, because Jameson owes them something; a loyalty and a promise that they’re not likely to forget. Until that promise is kept, they’ll never be rid of the cult.
When Tess is lured into a trap, Jameson has no other choice but to go after her, to return to his roots. He’s confident he’ll be able to get them out again. After all, they did it once before. Tess, however, isn’t so sure. Everything about her second abduction tells her that time isn’t on their side and their luck has run out.
As Jameson and Tess fight for freedom once more, they realize that the casualties of their last escape will pale in comparison to what’s at risk this time around.
Because this time, only one of them will leave unscathed.

So, I think I probably bugged Nicole about when this book would be available quite a bit, simply because the first book, Loving the Cult, was so good & I was just a little bit miffed with how it ended so abruptly! Ha! In this book, you meet Tess and Jameson again. They are finally making friends when she is kidnapped and taken back to the cult. I honestly thought we were done with the Children of Neutrality, but apparently not! She hoped so much that Jameson would stay away, however I was silently hoping that he would come in, rescue her & then take care of Joan once & for all. It didn’t go quite that fast, which was nice, because I feel that if it would have, then it wouldn’t have been such a good book! It was great – not rushed, very well written! Nicole is going to be an author who I am going to buy each & every one of her books, I think!

I would highly recommend reading Loving the Cult before you ever check out Taming the Cult!! You might be completely lost if you start the second before the first!!

Taming the Cult, along with the rest of Nicole’s books can be purchased on Amazon! Most are available as paperback books and all of them are available for Kindle also!

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