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Drive Me Crazy by Marquita Valentine

Melanie and Carter absolutely drove me crazy with their constant bickering. It’s like she just thought the absolute worst about herself. Carter is Melanie’s best friends older brother, who she has had a crush on forever. What’s better than a sexy race car driver and a sassy blonde?

I’ve been there. The relationship between Melanie and Carter reminded me of a friendship I had in high school with a friend of mine. This was nothing more than a friendship, never a kiss shared, oh but I wished for the longest time that something would come out of it. It didn’t & I am completely fine with that now. With what I know about the guy now, I’m glad nothing came out of it. DEFINITELY not who I thought he was!

From the time April was introduced, I wanted to reach in and beat her senseless. Eventually she got what was coming to her though! I was happy to read that!

I don’t understand why Carters mom treated Melanie the way she did. How can you be nice AND horrible to someone with in a few seconds of each other? I was like, Make up your damn mind woman!

There was a scene towards the end of the book that just made me go “Awww! He really does love her!” Read it – You’ll see!

Drive Me Crazy [Book #1] Book Cover Drive Me Crazy [Book #1]
Holland Springs Series
Marquita Valentine
Contemporary Romance
Marquita Valentine
February 2013

Melanie Ann Smith has been in love with her best friend’s older brother for years, but he’s never given her the time of day. So, when Carter Ambrose comes home to recuperate from a wreck on the track *without* his witchy ex-fiancee, can Melanie convince him to stay?

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