How to add someone to your approved Kindle Email list

Being a book review blogger, I often have the author send the book directly to my kindle email or send the books to my email, and I send them to my Kindle.

Every Kindle that is registered has their own kindle email, which ends in!

In order to have someone send a book to your kindle, they need to be on your Approved Personal Document Email List in your Amazon Account.

I’m going to walk you through how to get books to your kindle from your computer or from a person who wants to just send it to your kindle! It’s super simple, really!


1. You need to log into your Amazon account, and click on Manage Your Content and Devices.








2. Once there, you should see 3 tabs at the top(ish) of the page. They will say
                                         Your Content
                                         Your Devices

You want to click on SETTINGS.

3. Scroll down a little bit and you will see PERSONAL DOCUMENT SETTINGS. 








This is your Kindle Email.

4. Scroll on down to where you see Approved Personal Document Email List

Below where you see your emails you have added (If you have added any) you will see a BLUE link that says Add a new approved Email address. Click that & add the email you want to add! For me, I have a few from different authors & such, but for MY email, I added my main email. Below you will see a picture! I have blurred out the addresses AND part of mine for security reasons!









If you need any further help, please comment here and I will help!!

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  1. The post makes it easy that how to add kindle email list by the help of the small tutorial.

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