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The Book of Adam – Town Secrets Review

This book was captivating! I was really into the book, and really enjoyed it!

I thought this is a fun and well written young adult adventure book that will easily captivate adults with its intriguing story and complex characters…Thirteen-year-old Adam McTaggart will take you on the adventure of a lifetime as secret after secret is discovered while he racing to find the Town Secret before someone else dangerous does…

The entire book is a thrilling adventure that will keep you turning your pages! I think this will be the perfect addition to Michael’s (age 8) library! He will be getting his very own Kindle soon, so already having books for him to put on that is great!!

The Book of Adam - Town Secrets Book Cover The Book of Adam - Town Secrets
Scott Gelowitz
Action and Adventure
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
September 2014

How is the small town of Grayson linked to historical events like the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the story of Adam and Eve?

Who built a system of tunnels underneath Grayson - and for what purpose?

Why are nearby towns being destroyed, leaving no trace of their residents?

Thirteen-year-old Adam McTaggart and his friends uncover these secrets and more as they race to save their tiny town.

Will they find the Town Secret before someone much more dangerous does?

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