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Luke by Cassia Leo & Kaia Stone

Disclosure; I downloaded this book for free via Amazon. All opinions are my own. I would recommend you be 18+ to read this book due to explicit sexual references & sex scenes.


I’m not going to lie & say that books that involve good sex scenes. They make me all hot & I think my husband can tell that I’ve read them during the day because I text him messages implying what I plan to do to him that night. 😉 (Sorry, if that’s TMI, but…..)

I’m going to say, I really enjoy serials. This set was a quick, easy read, and man was it a HOT set of short books! Luke sounds awesome. Brina sounds gorgeous.

One thing that I didn’t quite understand is how they jumped into sex the DAY they met & never looked back. Nothing is that simple. But then again, this IS a fiction, so why not!

I got some giggles with the descriptions of their intimacy though. For instance;

“I reached down and undid the button and zipper and his cock flung itself at me.”

Part 3 ended in a cliff hanger, and I must go read the rest of them now! (Thanks to my awesome sister in law for loaning me hers!)

Great books, quick to get into the sex scenes.


Parts 4, 5, 6 & 7…

Part 4 starts 5 weeks after Part 3 ends. Milo and Brina get closer, and I don’t like that too much, I’m #TeamLuke all the way! It gets better, and I honestly didn’t pay any attention at all when I went from part to part. I love the books, I liked the story line. It got better as it went along! The sex was still super steamy, hot & totally turned me on! I thought Luke and Brina worked really well together. It was obvious how much they loved each other!

Parts 1, 2 & 3 are Free on Amazon as of June 17th, 2015.

Or you can buy the whole boxed series for just $5.99 on Amazon! That’s 7 books for less than $6!

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