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The Way We Break by Cassia Leo Review

“Code Blue. Code Blue. First Floor. Room I-1-5-3.
Repeat. Code Blue. First Floor. Room I-1-5-3.”

This happens to be the LAST line in The Way We Break. Talk about a cliffhanger! Yeah – I’m totally anxious and ready for August 21 to hurry up so I can make sure I buy The Way We Rise when it comes out! 

I thought I might know where Cassia was going with this book, but I was totally wrong. The Way We Break is the second book in The Story of Us series, and it was amazing! (You can read my review of The Way We Fall here).

Superb book, awesome story line, Totally loveable characters!

We met Rory, Houston and Liam, along with Rory’s best friend, Kenny, who is gay and I could totally see myself being friends with, in The Way We Fall. As much as I liked that book, I totally think I liked The Way We Break even better! We got to know more about the characters.

Just FYI – I’m #TeamHouston because he’s totally hot & the sex between him & Rory is amazing.

I experienced laughter, tears, screams all in this book. I started it after we left my brothers apartment, which is 3 hours 16 minutes from where we live, and I finished this book last night, around 8 pm. There were times I giggled out loud and I could just feel my husband glancing over at me. He kept asking, “Good book?” I said “Yeah! It’s amazing!” And it was! 100%

If you’re looking for a new book to read, I would HIGHLY recommend this book! It’s currently available on Amazon for $3.99!

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  1. […] you might remember in my review of The Way We Break I said that the ending was “Code Blue. Code Blue. First Floor. Room I-1-5-3. Repeat. Code Blue. […]

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