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Right Under Your Nose Book Review

I was loaned this book via Amazon from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I would never recommend a book to you if I didn’t enjoy the book!


About the Book

Ariadne Daniels seems to have it all: A successful career as a pastry chef, a Victorian home in a trendy neighborhood, and her dedicated boyfriend Scott who she’s been with for years.

Her life is great until the day she stops by Scott’s apartment to surprise him and finds out that he’s not so dedicated to her after all. Shocked and too depressed to celebrate, she decides to skip Christmas. Her best friend Jess does his part to convince her otherwise, but Ariadne’s determined to wallow in her misery, at least until spring.

Life has other plans for her, however. Some helpful meddling from a new friend at a local bookstore, along with some questionable behavior on the part of Jess’s girlfriend, turn Ariadne’s ho-hum holiday plans on their head.

This is a novella length book.

My Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quick yet good read, I would highly recommend Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story by Holly Tierney-Bedord. I started this book on Friday, November 20 around 9 & read the majority of this book the following Saturday because Friday ended up becoming pretty busy for me, getting bills ready, paying every single bill we have for the remainder of November & all of the bills for the month of December so we can focus on Christmas! Anyways, that’s totally beside the point.

Ariadne, to me, seemed like a teenager. She acted like some girls I went to high school with, WHEN we were in high school. She most definitely did not act like a 26 year old WOMAN would act, at least I didn’t think so. I agree with her about how her family treated her after the “theater incident.” They should have been on her side, no matter what. Not on the side of some person they JUST met the day before. But that’s beside the point. I really don’t think it would have hurt them to find out why she acted the way she did. Same with Jess, being that they had been best friends for so long. As the old saying goes, Bro’s before Ho’s, Sisters before Misters… etc.. I’m not sure what it would be in Jess/Ariadne’s situation with a male/female friendship.

Jess… Well, what can I say about him? One minute he’s “so in love” with Laurel and then the next minute they’re fighting and he’s proposing to Ariadne? That really made me question his true feelings for Ariadne! I’m sure it all worked out for the best for them though. Just FYI; I wanted them together in the beginning anyways 😉 They’re bickering made me giggle. Reminded me of how my husband and I used to be when we first started dating… and quite possibly still are. It’s not a bad type of bickering.. The cute bickering that makes you realize how much you feel for someone!

One thing I wish there would have been more of in this book is about the bookstore. I like the Paranormal aspect of it, but I wish it wouldn’t have left us hanging as to what was really going on!

All in all, I liked this book. It gave me quite a few giggles. I did want to pound Scott in the face, also!

I would recommend reading this book!

About the Author

Holly Tierney-Bedord lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She is the author of several novels including Coached, Bellamy’s Redemption, and Surviving Valencia. Visit her website at where you can connect to her blogs and subscribe to her newsletter.

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