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Magic by Danielle Steel (Audiobook)

27272224Danielle Steel has always been one of my favorite authors. When I was growing up, I started reading her books from my mom’s personal library. It always seemed that she had the newest books that Ms. Steel had out, and once she finished them I would read them. I enjoy how she always takes us to these places where I can only dream of going! 

I downloaded this book as an Audible Audiobook to pass the time when it was my turn to drive on our 24 hour drive to Florida, while everyone else was sleeping (My turn on the way down ended up being at night). I honestly wasn’t sure how I would like an audio book, because I had never listened to one before. So with further ado – Information about the book, my review, and all that good stuff!

About the Book;

It starts on a summer evening, with the kind of magic found only in Paris. Once a year in the City of Light, a lavish dinner takes place outside a spectacular landmark—the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame . . . a new setting each time. Selected by secret invitation, the guests arrive dressed in white, with tables and chairs, white linens, flowers, fine china, sparkling crystal, and an elegant dinner. As the sun sets, thousands of candles are lit. And when the night is over, hundreds of white paper lanterns, each with a flame within, bearing everyone’s fervent wishes, are released into the sky. Amid this wondrous White Dinner, a group of close friends stands at the cusp of change.

Jean-Philippe and Valerie Dumas are devoted to each other and their young children. He is a rising star in the financial world, she, an editor at French Vogue. But a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in China may lead to separation—and temptation.

The epitome of a stylish power couple from Milan, Benedetta and Gregorio Mariani run a venerable Italian clothing empire. Gregorio projects strength, but has a weakness that will ignite a crisis in their company and their marriage.

Chantal Giverny, an award-winning screenwriter, and Dharam Singh, one of India’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, are singles paired for the evening. They arrive as friends, but their paths will be set on dramatically different courses before the White Dinner ends.

Spanning the globe, this breathtaking novel follows these indelible characters through a transformative year of successes and heartbreaks until the next White Dinner. From the world’s most beloved writer, here is a tale told with extraordinary tenderness and passion, as Danielle Steel explores what it really means to have magic in our lives.

My Review;

This book did not fail to keep my attention. This might actually be one of my favorite books of Ms. Steel’s! I loved the couples that she introduced and their back stories. I absolutely loved the story and idea of the White Dinner. It’s magical and I absolutely enjoyed hearing about the back story of the dinner.  We read (or listen to, in my case) the stories of Jean-Phillipe and Valerie, Benedetta and Gregorio, Chantal, & Dharam. Jean-Phillipe invited Chantal and Dharam to the White Dinner seperately, hoping to help them get involved and become interested in each other. That didn’t happen.

A little back story, Chantal was a single mom to 3 grown children, having lost their father and her husband when her children were very young. Her children lived all across the world. Berlin, Los Angelas and Hong Kong. She meets Javier, who is quite some years younger than her and they fall in love. Only her son, who is the youngest and lives in Berlin, is happy for her and realizes that she could be lonely by being alone in Paris all the time.

Benedetta and Gregorio aren’t able to have children. He has an affair with a young model and gets her pregnant. Tragedy happens with their babies, and he ends up falling in love with her. Do they make it? Read the book!

I really did enjoy the book. My fears of not being able to follow along because I have always been able to learn and remember more by reading and not listening. It was a downfall I had in high school and college when teachers would do lectures. I had to take a lot of notes. Anyways, I was able to follow along really well with the book just by listening, and I’m glad, because we take long trips frequently, and audio books will now help me pass that time!

This is a book that has very little curse words, hardly any sex scenes, and would be good for I’d say 13+.

About the Author;

Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world’s most popular authors, with over 590 million copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsellers include 44 Charles Street, Legacy, Family Ties, Big Girl, Southern Lights, Matters of the Heart, One Day at a Time, and other highly acclaimed novels. She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina’s life and death.

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