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Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan

30373401About the Book

Ever wondered what lesbian love between two teenage girls feel like? Read the story of Lena and Juliet.

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Lena Newman is 17 years old and pretty satisfied with her life. Until her world is turned upside down. Juliet James is the new girl at school and very quickly manages to send Lena’s heart wild. Juliet introduced Lena to a part of herself she didn’t know was there, taking her on an emotional journey where loyalty, friendships and family relationships are tested. Juliet represents the road less traveled. Will Lena take it?

My Thoughts

I really liked this book. Though it is a book that deals with gays and lesbians, that isn’t thrown into your face, and there is absolutely NO sexual scenes, however there are some sexual references. Parts in this book I laughed at, other parts made me sad. I thought the book was very well written and I felt as though I was reading Lena’s journal of her life as it was really happening. I can see how teens might like this book as a way of helping them come out to their parents and their friends. I’ll be honest, I started this book around 10:30 one night, and by 12 noon the next day, I was done. I honestly didn’t want to put the book down. It was fantastic!

I loved Lena as a main character, and she got to explore her sexuality on her own. Her parents took her news that she was bisexual much better than most would, I think. Her best friend, Lacey, is a very lovable bitch. She’s a cheerleader, who hangs out with what Lena calls a bunch of Misfits! You also are introduced and read quite a bit about Juliet who becomes Lena’s first ever girlfriend along with Juliet’s live-in cousin who was disowned by his parents when he came out, and his boyfriend. You also get to know Lena’s group of friends.

Over all, I really enjoyed Just Juliet. The ending was fantastic!

Thank you to the publisher for reaching out to me asking if I would like to review the book. The book was received for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I tell things like it is and I would never recommend a book that I didn’t like! 

About the Author

Charlotte writes young adult romances focusing primarily on the LGBT+ community. She hopes to have lighthearted stories that bring about hope, laughter, and maybe even a few tears. She lives in a small Texas town with her cat, and can either be found writing or off traveling.

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