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Shadows in the Deep End by Catherine Black

shadows in the deep endAbout the Book

I thought that having my job ripped from my hands without so much as an hour’s notice was the low point of my day.
It wasn’t.
That came later, when my best friend dropped a bomb neither of us were prepared to handle.
With zero chance of finding work that could support our lifestyle, we packed our tidy little lives into boxes and ventured hours away to the house my beautiful, late grandmother left in my care.
Although Teller, Kentucky was home to me in more ways than one, it wasn’t known for its abundant employment opportunities.
Which is how I came to meet Luke.
He was the closest thing to a socialite I’d ever met, and under his thumb, my entire world morphed into something I’d never dreamed, never anticipated… and never, ever wanted.
Unfortunately, you can’t step away from a world of prostitution rings and drug dealings without painting a giant target on your back.
And no matter how fast or far you run, no one is out of reach for Luke Montgomery.

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My Thoughts

WHAAAAAAAAT? You haven’t heard of Catherine Black before? If you haven’t, you are missing out! I was provided with an ARC of Shadows in the Deep End in exchange for my honest review and I have to say, I am extremely glad she sent me the book via Kindle!

Whoa, this was such an awesome read! This was one book where I just didn’t want to, and in fact, barely did put it down! I started it one night before bed, which was a mistake, because I was up way later than my “bedtime”. I knew there were some things in this book that could possibly be triggers for some people, including rape, but with the description of the book, I just HAD to read it. It sounded so good, and I definitely was NOT let down!

Catherine Black definitely knows how to suck in the reader just to keep them up past their bedtime, and to keep them turning page after page! This is a darker turn from her previous book that I have read and the one I am reading now. This book has amazing lovable and hatable characters in it, and honestly, I can’t stop hoping this book has a sequel or becomes a part of a series, because I would love to learn more about some of the other characters!

About the Author

In 2013, Catherine Black left her managerial position at a large internet company to stay at home with her two children, and she hasn’t looked back since.
Playing mom, maid, and nurse during the day is wildly fulfilling, but when the lights go out and everyone’s in bed, her imaginary friends come out to play.

When she’s not writing or mothering, she’s breezing through as many romance books as possible, dabbling in amateur photography, or tending to her backyard chickens.

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