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Claim by Janet Nissenson

About the Book

The final book of the Splendor trilogy – the conclusion, but never the ending, to a love story for the ages

All of luxury hotel heir Ian Gregson’s dreams are finally coming true. Soon he will be able to claim the beautiful woman he longed for from afar for more than two years, and she will belong to him for all time.

But as their wedding day approaches, long hidden secrets from Tessa’s past will surface and stir up all of her old fears and doubts. And Ian will once again need to convince her that their love is more than strong enough to conquer all – a love that’s destined to last for all time.



I was so lost at the beginning of the book, I had to actually go back and read the previous 2 books. This book is a part of a trilogy, and I would highly recommend reading books 1 and 2 (Covet and Cove) before you start Claim. Colin made me laugh several times during this book, he seemed to always have his head in the gutter. Ian would do anything to make Tessa happy, even if that meant taking advice from his dirty minded brother. The chemistry between Ian and Tessa was smoldering hot. Can I just say it’s a good thing Ian can keep up with Tessa when she turns into a sexual temptress?!

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