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Lover Wanted by Rylee Swann

Lover WantedAbout the Book

I’ve touched every inch of his raw masculine body. He makes me reach heights of ecstasy I’ve never known. I can scream his name in pleasure, but I can’t fall in love with him. Why? He’s my boss, and even though my job is unusual, that’s a no-no.

Hi, I’m Kim and I’m about to be homeless, so what’s a girl to do? Browse the Casual Encounters section of Craig’s List, of course. Why not have a night of passion to help me forget my troubles for a little while?

What I didn’t expect to find was a life-changing job opportunity.

Passion beyond any expectation, a ridiculously hot boss, and getting paid to let a different stranger watch us blow each other’s minds. Right, that’s the catch, but what could possibly go wrong? Plenty – my boss doesn’t believe in love, has some deep dark secrets, and… yeah, I think I’ve already fallen for him.

This has all the makings of not ending well… or does it?

Maybe I should just stick with the sweet Adonis of a cop I just met. He seems like the safer option, but I just can’t stop thinking about my boss. The one who piledrives me to spectacular oblivion a couple times a week. While a stranger watches.

Ah, hell. All bets are off. Especially the safe ones.

******Due to content, Recommended age to read this book is 18+. This book is VERY explicit with the sex and sex acts that are written.

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I was kind of expecting more of a story with this book and not for about 99% of the book to be about sex, and I got some story, but it wasn’t until the end. With that being said, this book was a good book. I will keep Rylee Swann on my To Read list, because I enjoyed the book. My husband could definitely tell that I was reading a, what does he call them, “female porn” book. haha. One thing that I did like was that Michael didn’t tell her that she needed to lose weight, even though he DID tell her that she was over weight. This book wasn’t your typical fall for your boss type of book, but I won’t say more than that. I read the first 2 chapters before getting the actual book and I have to say I was impressed and it definitely made me want to keep reading.

About the Author

Rylee Swann loves to write! She is often be found in her writing cave located in the ‘burbs of New York City. That’s Long Island for people in the know. Her day job is a marketing manager which keeps her super busy.

She doesn’t know how she finds the time to write but does because it’s in her blood

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