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Sorrows and Songs by Janice Wood Wetzel

sorrows and songsAbout the Book

Sorrows & Songs is an honest account of Janice Wood Wetzel’s obstacles and opportunities as a child during the Great Depression and World War II,
and as an adult during the restrained 1950s, the Civil Rights movement, and the second wave of the Women’s Rights movement in the United States. The memories she recounts include snapshots spanning her professional career as a social work educator, culminating in her role in the global women’s movement.





Just by reading the blurb for this book, I knew I wanted to read it. History is something that really interests me, so I knew it would be an enjoyable read for me! Biographies, however, aren’t something that I typically read, but I went with it because as I said, history is something that really interests me and knowing that the things in this book actually happened made me even more excited. I found Ms. Wetzel extremely strong and I have to salute her. Sorrows and Songs begins with Ms. Wetzel’s memories of her childhood and teenage years along with her complicated relationship with her parents. I honestly don’t know a whole lot of people who grew up in this time, so I enjoyed reading about this through Ms. Wetzel’s eyes.

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