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One Wrong Turn by Deanna Lynn Sletten


The words “I’m her husband” roll off Clay Connors’s tongue, but with his estranged wife lying in a coma—and no assurance that she’ll awaken—he knows he’s perilously close to losing everything. A singular, terrifying accident has left Jess Connors suspended between life and death. Now Clay is reunited with the family he hasn’t seen for two years, including the daughters he left behind.

Clay should have been there for his family. He never should have stayed away so long. The alcohol that took over his life destroyed everything but a shred of his self-preservation. Sober and haunted, Clay revisits the memory of love, marriage, and how his life unraveled. He hopes that by trying to reconnect with the daughter who blames him and the daughter who barely knew him, he can find a light of hope in this darkest hour. As his family faces its most grueling, emotional test yet, Clay must summon the courage to make right what was wrong—and find forgiveness from his harshest judge: himself.






I thought this was a fantastic book about second chances! Clay is a good man but he has let his addiction to alcohol cause his marriage to fall apart. Driving home one day, Jess was in a hurry to pick up her daughters, Jilly and Maddie, but all it took was one wrong turn of her steering wheel as she was rushing to pick up her daughters after school to change all of their lives.

I enjoyed reading about Clay and Jess’ meeting, their courtship and family life up until the time of their seperation during flashbacks told by Clay throughout the story. I felt that the addiction Clay has to Alcohol is written with truth, all of his fears exposed, along with his daily battle to remain sober, not only for his girls, but for Jess, while she is laying in a coma.

This book was an absolute emotional roller coaster. I am very much so looking forward to reading more work by Ms. Sletten in the future!

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