Freebie Friday 1/26/18

How are we already at the Last Friday of January 2018?? Insanity!

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Are you an Author?? Read right below this!

Send me a copy of your book cover and a link to your Amazon listing, along with WHEN your book will be free and I will include it in my Freebie Friday post for that week! (Send it to me early so I can do it a week ahead of time!!) Check out the Review Request page for info on how to send the picture!

You’ll want to click on the book covers to get to their Amazon Page!! Also, keep in mind, these books are free at the time this post goes live!  If you see one has expired and is no longer free, feel free to comment to let me know so I can get that changed ASAP!

Throughout the week, I’m going to start sharing free books on my facebook page, as well, so make sure you follow me there as well!

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