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Break Me by Tiffany Snow

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Romantic Suspense
Author: Tiffany Snow
Publisher: Montlake Publishing
Date Published: March 14, 2017
Pages: 316

Just a few weeks ago, computer prodigy China Mack’s typical night in involved Endor Star Wars pajamas and a sensible bedtime. Now she’s dating gorgeous tech guru Jackson Cooper—one of Forbes’s Top Ten Eligible Billionaires—much to the Twitterverse’s delight.

Turns out, going from socially inept hermit to poster girl for geek chic has its challenges. China’s relationship gets even more complicated because her role heading the top-secret Vigilance program—where she’s partnered with Superman clone Clark Slattery—makes her a target. And when ruthless businessman Simon Lu plans to co-opt Vigilance software to blackmail government and military employees, he’ll need China’s cooperation—willing or otherwise.

But not every enemy is so easily identified. Some hide in plain sight, in very high places, and mistaking foe for friend could be the last mistake China ever makes…


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I’m going to be finicky and talk about a review I read about this book on Amazon. The person who wrote it said, “China has no experience with relationships, she is naive and too trusting, she doesn’t know how to dance. Come on, did the author make her a genius in computers and science just to make her clueless in every other aspect of life???????”. Now she did say other things, but this just bothers me for some reason. As a girl who had never been in a relationship previous to the one she is in with Jackson, how is she supposed to know what relationships entail? By reading Harlequin books she reads? Sure that’ll give you some idea, but relationships in this books are generally not like other books. Also, I’m a female… I DO NOT DANCE. I don’t know how and I wasn’t ever properly taught. I have slow danced at my prom, but honestly, that was just swaying back and forth lol. Not Anyways, I just had to point that out. The person who wrote that review gave it a 1 star. Because in her eyes, Tiffany Snow made China clueless about everything other than computers and science. Just wanted to point out that not every girl knows about relationships or how to dance! Now, on to my review below!

Can I just say I’m super happy to know that Blane Kirk and Kade Dennon are making appearances in this series?!?!! I’m hoping we get a glimpse of Kathleen Turner too! Though we don’t see Blane and Kirk until the end of Break Me, they are more prominent in Find me, which I am currently reading! There were certain times in Break Me that I was absolutely on the edge of my seat and I want to give huge kudos to China for not breaking when Lu had her. Way to stick your ground girl! I love the way Tiffany Snow writes. It would be much easier for me to read her books on kindle, instead of paperbacks I borrow from the library, simply because of the dictionary feature because there are certain words that I don’t know what they are or even how to pronounce them, but I stick it out & figure it out. I literally read Break Me in less than a day and immediately picked up Find Me! I’m about 1/4 the way through with Find Me right now and once I finish it, I’ll be able to start on my ARC copy of Save Me!

Being local to Tiffany Snow, I hadn’t ever read her until August of last year I think. Maybe September! Honestly, I don’t even know that I had ever heard of her until a book group friend recommended me to her! Imagine how sad I was when she showed up at a book club meeting and I wasn’t able to be there. Sad day, but one of these days I’m going to get the courage up to see if she wants to meet for lunch sometime! Because … that would be awesome!


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