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bioMy name is Jessica Cali & I am the owner & author of this blog! I am a 30 something stay at home mom to 3 wonderful children! I have been married to my husband since March 31, 2007! My family and I reside in the Kansas City Metro! I love it here!

I taught myself to crochet in 2010 and it has quickly become a favorite past time of mine! I generate a bit of an income from what I crochet! I also enjoy blogging and reading! You can also find me selling Those Crazy Wrap things, which has provided a generous income for me & my family!

I purchased Cali Book Reviews as a place that I could review any and all books that I read! I have always been a very avid reader & I have quickly come to realize that I have passed on my love of reading to my oldest child, Michael!

There will be anything from Children’s books, Romance, Thriller, Adult & possibly even Erotica books reviewed here.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to submit a paperback copy of our forthcoming novel Reason for Existence for your review. Information for the book is below:

    Book Fact Sheet

    Title: Reason for Existence
    Author: Richard Botelho
    Category: Science Fiction/Philosophy
    Edition: First
    Publication Date: 2/1/16
    Price: $14.95 US Dollars (softcover) and $2.99 US Dollars (ebook)
    ISBN: 978-0-9643926-6-3 (softcover)
    ISBN: 978-0-9643926-7-0 (ebook)
    Library of Congress Control Number: 2015941176
    Distributors: Ingram, Baker and Taylor,
    Approximate Length: 200 pages (Word Count 56,537)
    Trim Size: 6 x 9
    Publisher: Windstream Publishing Company
    303 Windstream Place
    Danville, CA 94526
    Telephone 925-967-8432
    Website http://www.wpcbooks.com
    Contact: marketing@wpcbooks.com
    When David Jordan, an extraterrestrial human in appearance, agrees to help U.N. Secretary General Nicholas Straka resolve an escalating nuclear crisis, he also learns he must defuse a horrifying plot to exterminate humanity by a hostile race of beings who despise human culture. Somehow, he must thwart both crises before a worldwide intervention is launched by his superiors, destroying human innocence in the process. In Reason for Existence, David learns the origins of human conflict, the nature of secret societies, the true meaning of friendship, and the enduring qualities of love.

    Thank you.

    Adrienne Taylor

  2. Hi Jessica Cali
    My name is Michael Ross and I am a published author with Limitless Publishing. After releasing short story anthologies and the first of my Out Of Hand thriller series, I have changed direction slightly. On July 26th I have a light hearted romance being published. Entitled Chasing What’s Already Gone it is a humorous love story from a male perspective.
    Although I live in the UK I’m blessed with an editor based in the US who, although she specialises in thrillers, thinks this novel has wide appeal. I am wondering if I forwarded you an advanced copy of the book whether you would consider reviewing it?
    Thank you for your time
    Best wishes

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