My family <3 Rc, myself, Connor Michael, Rosalie
My family <3
Rc, myself, Connor
Michael, Rosalie

Above you will see pictured my family! They are my reason for living!

Rc and I met when we were 16, yet didn’t start dating until 2004 when we were 20.
November 27 to be exact.
On December 7th, 2005, I found out we were going to be parents.
Rc’s response? “But how did that happen?”
Yeah, I still tease him to this day, because we were taking the necessary precautions.
I was medicated. He was using condoms.
Michael Ray was just meant to be!


My little book nerd 🙂

We had planned to go to the Courthouse to get married before he made his arrival.
Things happened. The money was needed for other stuff.
Michael was born August 11, 2006.
We wed March 31, 2007.

Fast Forward 22 months to June 2008.
On the 17th (My Grandpa’s birthday) I started having 2-3 minute contractions.
My water NEVER broke.
Finally around 1PM on the 18th, we went to the hospital.

At 1:11AM June 19th, Connor was born!
Both of my boys were 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.


Though the boys were born the same weight, Connor has always been smaller it seems.
He’s my blue eyed, blonde haired boy.
My little gamer boy.

Head on to February 14th, 2012.
I was late! 2 weeks late to be exact.
I stopped by Walmart to get a pregnancy test and it was positive.
We were stoked!
We all really wanted a girl!
We didn’t wait to tell anyone.
Some people had to open their mouth and say we didn’t need another kid.
It was said that I deserved to lose this pregnancy.

Well, to those people so said such hurtful things. I hope YOU are happy.
This pregnancy was ended at 11w0d due to a miscarriage.
Our 3rd child will forever be an Angel on April 4, 2012.

July 27th, 2012 we found out we were expecting our 4th child.
This was not announced to anyone until September 24, 2012.
I wanted to wait until the 1st trimester was up and we heard a heartbeat.

Easter Morning of 2013 was March 31, 2013.
It happened to be Rc and I’s 6th wedding anniversary.
I was dropping the boys off at my parents to go to church with them.
I was skipping church that day because I was huge and had nothing to wear.
I was also going to be induced on April 1, 2013 with our baby girl.

Connor decided to come give me a hug and wanted me to hold him.
I bent to pick him up and as soon as I straightened back up, there was a slight gush.
I put him down & went to my parents restroom and sat down on the toilet.
Not having my water break naturally on my own, I wasn’t sure this was it.
So I had read online that when you think that’s what it is, to move side to side.
If it stopped, it was just a little pee.
If it kept going, it was your water rupturing.
It kept going.

Rc and I spent our 6th wedding anniversary in the hospital.
We now share our anniversary with our daughters birthday!
Rosalie was born at 10:45PM.
She weighed 7 lb 15.5 oz and was 19 inches long.


Now If you got through all that, congratulations and thank you for reading!

I am a 32 year old mom who works from home. Along with Cali Book Reviews, I also blog at
The Jessica Cali
as well as being a Distributor for
It Works Global!

I have always had a love of reading and started reading The Baby Sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High books when I was in elementary school, along with the Goosebumps books!

I think when I started junior high, I would secretly read my mom’s books she had around the house. She had almost all of Danielle Steels books, and the first one I remember reading was called Daddy.
Danielle Steel got me hooked on Romance Novels from about 12 years of age.

I’m super happy that I have passed on my love of reading to Michael!


  1. Hi,

    I would like to submit a paperback copy of our forthcoming novel Reason for Existence for your review. Information for the book is below:

    Book Fact Sheet

    Title: Reason for Existence
    Author: Richard Botelho
    Category: Science Fiction/Philosophy
    Edition: First
    Publication Date: 2/1/16
    Price: $14.95 US Dollars (softcover) and $2.99 US Dollars (ebook)
    ISBN: 978-0-9643926-6-3 (softcover)
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    Library of Congress Control Number: 2015941176
    Distributors: Ingram, Baker and Taylor,
    Approximate Length: 200 pages (Word Count 56,537)
    Trim Size: 6 x 9
    Publisher: Windstream Publishing Company
    303 Windstream Place
    Danville, CA 94526
    Telephone 925-967-8432
    When David Jordan, an extraterrestrial human in appearance, agrees to help U.N. Secretary General Nicholas Straka resolve an escalating nuclear crisis, he also learns he must defuse a horrifying plot to exterminate humanity by a hostile race of beings who despise human culture. Somehow, he must thwart both crises before a worldwide intervention is launched by his superiors, destroying human innocence in the process. In Reason for Existence, David learns the origins of human conflict, the nature of secret societies, the true meaning of friendship, and the enduring qualities of love.

    Thank you.

    Adrienne Taylor

  2. Hi Jessica Cali
    My name is Michael Ross and I am a published author with Limitless Publishing. After releasing short story anthologies and the first of my Out Of Hand thriller series, I have changed direction slightly. On July 26th I have a light hearted romance being published. Entitled Chasing What’s Already Gone it is a humorous love story from a male perspective.
    Although I live in the UK I’m blessed with an editor based in the US who, although she specialises in thrillers, thinks this novel has wide appeal. I am wondering if I forwarded you an advanced copy of the book whether you would consider reviewing it?
    Thank you for your time
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Jessica Cali:

    I got connected to the “Cali Book Reviews” blog via the Book Blogger List where I was so happy to read that you like to read YA novels. I believe you will enjoy this book since it takes the reader one more step beyond the Golden Rule, and the main character(s) will live in the reader’s soul for a very long time.

    I can easily email a PDF copy of my ‘standalone’ (not a series) book that my publisher gave me. If you wish me to land mail the paper back, please let me know where to send it.

    South of Main Street was published by an Indie publisher in October of ’16. It was also published by another small press a while ago but that publisher went bankrupt shortly after the ink was dry on the contract. Hopefully, I had nothing to do with that. However, the current publisher has no $ for a marketing push, so I must seek all the honest reviews I can. I accept whatever opinion you give – good or bad. Either way, I win. If you do NOT like it, I’m sure you’ll tell me why and I’ll correct it. If you like it, your review will inspire others to read it, which is good, of course. And they say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Ha.

    Here are the items which will need to make a decision to read my book.

    • Title of your work(s): South of Main Street
    • Publisher: Entrada Publishing
    • ISBN: 10 Digit ISBN/ASIN: 1614334765
    • Release date: October, 2016
    • The Genre and sub-category: YA, general, although I am told the book’s age demographics is ubiquitous
    • Include the Word Count: 95,255 words (272 pages)
    • Short blurb (synopsis): The mother dies, the dad’s emotionally challenged, and one of the two daughters is suing her father for financial control of the multi-million dollar estate. That’s the setup of South of Main Street, a heartwarming story named for the dividing line that exists between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ in a fictitious town of Coalsville, Pennsylvania. The book is an uncommon mix of the child-like innocence of Forrest Gump (Henry – the hero of the story), Scrooge (mean-spirited money-grubbing sister), Chronicles of Narnia (state of believing in a secret door one steps thru into a pearly, magic-land) and even a nod to O Henri’s ‘Gift of the Magi’ all rolled into one. But as much as Henry has a wonderful effect on the people all around him, does he have the strength and fortitude to solve his own problem where it threatens to consume his family with guilt and shame if he doesn’t? Only in the end will we find out.
    • Where the book is listed – amazon and goodreads and my link:
    • Timeframe review is needed – whenever you’re comfortable giving it.
    • a little about myself: I love horses and I love writing. Entered a slew of writing contests and have come in finalist or better in over 170 of those competitions. Actually, I’ve won 27 and came in 2nd place 19 times since retiring in 1998. Yet, I’m told by agents that I might have talent, and a bunch of projects ready to go, but I’m too old and I should just ‘fuhgeddaboudit’. They’re New Yorkers, so what can you expect. Anyway, that’s a short way of saying I’m still looking for an agent, or a champion who will promote my book (work). I’m hoping you might be able to generate some interest.

    Oh, by the way, before I leave and wish you well, I must tell you, I’m an ex-New Yorker living in Bethlehem, PA. I have 5 children and 10 grandchildren (I think) – I was just told by my wife last week we have 10, not 9 grandchildren, as I thought, and I better stop telling people we have 4 great-grandchildren, because we have 5. My bad.

    And you may not care about this, but what I really want to mention is that I was born right outside of Boston and my dad brought me to Long Island when I was 5 years old. To his credit, or discredit, he molded me into a Boston Red Sox fan (Baseball). It was a hardship. Going to catholic school for 12 years was character building enough, but being a Boston fan during the 50’s and 60’s with NY Yankee, Brooklyn Dodger and NY Giant fans all around me was an enlightenment that I’m not likely to forget. However, if you do know baseball, and are a fan of it, I’m hoping you won’t hold this against me… that I’m a Red Sox fan, that is.

    Best wishes,
    Robert Gately
    Bethlehem, PA 18015
    (c) 610-730-9481

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