Busy days….

Over the weekend my 9-year-old was recruited to play on a baseball team with one of the 9U teams here in the Kansas City area, so we were at the ball field most of Friday night, Saturday night and since it rained Sunday, the baseball games were canceled. However, we had a football parent meeting and new player meeting with my 11-year-olds football team so we were at that. I am trying to go back through my Goodreads and get all previous reviews so I can post them as close to the day that I posted them on there, but it’s definitely going to take some time.

So, keep an eye out in the mean time for new posts related to book sales, new book reviews and other bookish related things! It’s gonna happen, I just have to go through emails to figure out exactly what I have coming up that is due. I did spend about 2 hours on the phone with Godaddy the other day and they weren’t able to get anything back.

As I have told some of my friends, I did actually cry a little bit over losing everything. Books are one of my biggest passions, and so is this blog, so losing everything that I had posted over the past 4 years was a hard pill to swallow.

I guess I have no choice but make this blog bigger and better than it was before, so if you have ANY ideas at all, please let me know what new things I can add!

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