Comatose by Catherine Black

About the Book

Suspense/Romantic Suspense
Author: Catherine Black
Published Date: March 20, 2018
Pages: 425

Shaye Robinson never questions her role as the tame, submissive sweetheart of Vixen Bluff’s illustrious physician, Dr. Robert Baxter. At least, not until she finds his hands wrapped around her neck at the office Christmas party. Blinded by betrayal and more than ready to bid adieu to their loveless engagement, Shaye makes a devastating mistake that leaves her scarred and broken, and at the mercy of the one man she was trying to escape.
Nurse Alexander Mayes avoids temptation of any kind. Always. No exceptions. Living a mediocre, no-frills life is all that’s kept him and his little brother fed, clothed, and off the streets since the untimely death of their parents. So when the blonde in room 301 emerges from a coma and immediately charms her way into Alex’s heart, he has no other choice than to keep her at arm’s length. Her smile may be as rare as her miraculous circumstances, and her eyes may hint at an uncontrollable fire just waiting to lay waste to those who have wronged her, but crossing that particular line would be career suicide.
As Shaye and Alex navigate the treacherous waters of her recovery, they discover everyone in Vixen Bluff has already deemed them ‘meant to be’, despite the clear conflict of interest. But just when Shaye thinks a happily-ever-after could be in the cards after all, a threat from her past makes his presence known, jeopardizing everything she’s fought so hard to rebuild.

I absolutely love this authors writing style. It’s smooth and it’s like she doesn’t have to put much effort because it comes so naturally to her. I absolutely did not want to put this book down and I read it in less than 24 hours! This story has likable characters, a storyline like one I’ve never read before and suspense. I can’t imagine the things Shaye went through with her ex-fiance, Robert. The love that you can see from Alex from pretty much the beginning is awesome too. I laughed a lot, I even cried towards the end. Huge Kudos to Catherine Black on this book! I hope it’s super successful!

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