Folsom by Tarryn Fisher & Willow Aster

About the Book

Author; Tarryn Fisher & Willow Aster
Publication Date; May 28, 2018
Pages; 210

The nation as we know it is a thing of the past. With the male species on the verge of extinction, a society called the End Men is formed to save the world. Folsom Donahue is one of twelve men whose sole purpose is to repopulate the Regions. The endless days spent having sex with strangers leaves Folsom with an emptiness no amount of women, money, or status can fill.

Until Gwen.

Gwen has wanted a child for as long as she can remember, but when she finally gets a chance to have her own, she uncovers a long-hidden truth. The injustice she sees moves her to help save the men whom no one else believes need saving.

A forbidden love, grown in a time of despair, ignites a revolution. Folsom and Gwen, torn between their love for each other and their sense of duty, must make a choice. But some will stop at nothing to destroy them.

Folsom is book one of the End of Men series.

Folsom is on Kindle Unlimited for Free or Amazon for just $3.99

We were on our way home from a weekend away and we got about half way home and I finished the book I had been reading. Folsom is a book I borrowed from Kindle Unlimited back when it first released in May and I just never had gotten around to reading it.

I was a Tarryn Fisher/Willow Aster virgin, having never read any books by either author before. Folsom was a great book to start with. A little hard to get into at first, but I kept pushing through it and I am so glad I did. I finished this book in a 8 hour time frame and I immediately downloaded book 2, Jackal, from Kindle Unlimited right away.

I was am a huge fan of the Hunger Games books and while I don’t necessarily read a lot of Dystopian books, the blurb/synopsis for the End of Men series reminded me a LOT of The Hunger Games books and I knew I had to download it. SO glad I did. It was fantastic.

I don’t think I have ever read any other book with a plot similar to this. A world almost devoid of men? I know some women might think that wouldn’t be so bad, but seriously?? How would the world repopulate? Folsom has fathered over 200 children, only 5 of those males! Can you imagine?!

In the beginning I wasn’t too incredibly sure about my feelings for Gwen! She seemed much younger than her 25 (I believe!?) years! She quickly made me fall in love with her also!

This book held my attention so good. The sex scenes between Gwen and Folsom were hot as hell!

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