New Look

I’ve changed up the new layout. I don’t know how many of you know that I have another blog, one that isn’t book related, but I do. The Jessica Cali is the name of it. However, if you did know that, and you’ve visited since it’s been reopened since the loss of EVERYTHING… You’ll notice that the layouts are the same. I like to say it’s not from lack of originality, it’s from lack of funds and being able to find that perfect theme that I absolutely love! Anyways, I have changed the featured photo and I think that just looks a lot clearer and cleaner than what I had before with the picture of the book cover with what type of post it is.

Take a look around! I am still working on getting all those old reviews posted. I happen to be a little ADD lol. I get started on something then my mind starts wondering and I end up forgetting what it is I was doing!

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