Review Policy

Review Submission Status

I am currently accepting Submissions for reviews.
Please CLICK HERE if you want a book reviewed by Michael or I!

We both prefer physical copies of books. I will read an eBook if you don’t have physical books available, but it’s like pulling teeth to get Michael to read an eBook.

I am also accepting guest post submissions at this time. You may email me at with the subject |Guest Post| with what you’re wanting to post! Anything book related is okay with me! I will also link back to your own blog or facebook PAGE (not profile) if you have one!

How does it work?

I will review on my blog and Goodreads. I review books for free therefore you will get the most honest opinion about the book from me.

What will I review?

I will review anything! I prefer fiction books, however keep in mind cookbooks, self help and children’s books are stuff I will review as well. I have a 5 year old daughter who enjoys being read to!


I am a fairly quick reader. I try to tell people I’ll have their book read and ready to review within 2 weeks, but look at this nifty calendar below to see what days I have open! I won’t ever do 2 reviews on this blog in the same day.

Days Available

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I include book reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Book Bub as well as this page 🙂 If your book is listed on NetGalley, make sure you let me know so I can apply and review on there as well. I share all my reviews from this blog page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Scroll back up this page and read through the first few sentences to find out how to request to get me to review your book! I check my Google Document daily, and I try to clear it out daily. I receive approximately 20 requests a day on reviewing books. I can also be contacted through Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, but in order to get your book submitted, you will need to submit your information through the Google Doc I provided above!